Vagrant box for symfony framework development

The following installation steps assume that you are using a Unix operating system and you already have GIT, Vagrant and Virtual Box installed.

Open your terminal and clone symfony standard repository:

git clone

Then go to newly created directory:

cd symfony-standard

Next step is to clone vagrant VM repository inside our symfony application directory:

git clone _vm

Running the above command, will clone the VM repository into _vm directory. You may change the directory name as you wish.

After the repository was cloned, go into the new created directory and run vagrant up to create the virtual server and start playing.

# go to vm directory
cd _vm

# Initialize the virtual server
vagrant up

# Login into virtual server
vagrant ssh

At this point you should be already logged in into virtual server and you'll have available some commands provided by oh-my-zsh:

# run symfony console

# install/update symfony project dependencies
composer install
# or
composer update

# restart Nginx (using alias)

# restart MySQL (using alias)